Fulano de Tal April 17 1992

Bruce Donald: guitar, vocals; Jim Davis: bass, vocals; Daniel Scharstein: drums. On this evening we were without Dexter.
Faculty Lunch (10:59)
The perils of the mandatory faculty lunch, sung by Bruce
Luka (3:32)
Suzanne Vega's song
Ride With Me (3:49)
Evan Dando (Lemonheads)
Made Of Stone (6:58)
The Stone Roses
Fallow (5:37)
A song about professional jealousy.
Matchline I (7:21)
The first of two songs about the "Matchline" dating service, this one by Bruce. The line "By This Time Tomorrow" appeared in the advertisement, along with a photograph of a woman apparently drinking coffee.
Paranoia Paradise (3:38)
A song about conspiracy theory
Grinder (2:06)
Eyes Of The World (10:44)
Hunter Garcia
Lied Cheated (6:41)
Esthetique du Mal (8:06)
Bruce Donald's tribute to Bob Dylan
The Crane (3:38)
Matchline II (4:09)
The second song about Matchline. This one is mine. The line "By this time tomorrow you could fall in love, or just meet someone you want to know better" comes from the ad copy.
To Corner You (2:17)
Promoted (4:31)
Jim sings Dexter's crie de coer about tenure
Punk Solipsist (1:26)
Lyrics by "Thomas Zimmerman", music by Jim
Dalai Lama (2:35)
Bruce's song. Regrettably, the tape ran out.