Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes was a pop/rock/new wave band I played in in Boston in the early 1980s. The band was composed of All of us wrote songs.

This collection comes from a show we played at the Rathskeller, in Kenmore Square, on Oct 29, 1982. I think it's the debut of the band.

The songs are listed in alphabetic order, not the order we performed them. All of them are MP3.

  1. Baby I'm Just No Good Without Your Love (Hannon)
  2. Blame (Brockmann)
  3. Do You Believe I Love You (Carolyn Maas)
  4. Don't Be Long (Buchanan)
  5. Ghosts (Brockmann)
  6. Gotta Think It Over (Buchanan)
  7. I'm Not Crazy (Brockmann)
  8. It's Okay (Brockmann)
  9. Jerk (Brockmann)
  10. Khatmandhu (Buchanan)
  11. Letter Lost (Davis)
  12. Nobody Cries For The Damned (Brockmann)
  13. Nose to the Grindstone (Hannon)
  14. Pain and Glory (Hannon)
  15. Quote Goodbye Quote (Maas)
  16. Second Chance (Brockmann)
  17. Tomorrow (Brockmann)
  18. What Friends Are For (Singer)
  19. With Your Heart (Buchanan)
  20. You're My Baby (Buchanan)
  21. encore: Venus (Shocking Blue)

Suzie Brockmann and me on stage at the Paradise, Boston MA. I'm playing my Steinberger L4, which is still my main instrument.

There are so many great bands that never make it big. After Sensible Shoes I played for a while in "Cowboy Blue" (later renamed, "Hipcheck") with Richard Morel, Dan Buccino, and Jay Foster.

Harmful if Swallowed

In Ithaca, New York, I played with Dexter Kozen, Bruce Donald, and Daniel Scharstein in Harmful if Swallowed, another band with four song-writers, but also with three PhDs, and two full professors of Computer Science. During the yeat when Dexter was away on sabbatical the three of us played out as Fulano de Tal. Here's the MP3 of the first set from a show on 17 April 1992. By the way, there are also famous bands also named Harmful if Swallowed and Fulano de Tal. I wasn't in those bands.