publications by Jim Davis

In reverse chronological order.
Inter-dimensional Hypermedia Communicative Devices for Rhetorical Structure
Lloyd Rutledge, Jim Davis, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, and Lynda Hardman. In: Proceedings of International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2000 (MMM00), November 13-15, 2000, Nagano, Japan

On Self-Enforcing Contracts, the Right to Hack, and Willfully Ignorant Agents
Berkeley Technology Law Journal (1999).

NCSTRL: Design and Deployment of a Globally Distributed Digital Library
Jim Davis and Carl Lagoze Journal of the American Society for Information Science Volume 51 number 3 p 273-280 Also in Postscript

Shared Annotation for Cooperative Learning
James R. Davis and Daniel P. Huttenlocher
Computer Support for Cooperative Learning 1995 conference. 11 pages, Microsoft Word. Also available in:
Sorry, I can't convert this particular Word document to Postscript. There's something funny with the embedded figures.

Dienst - An Architecture for Distributed Document Libraries
Jim Davis and Carl Lagoze
Communications of the ACM, April 1995, Vol 38 No 4 page 47.

Synthetic Spoken Driving Instructions by Telephone and While Driving: Implications for Interfaces
James R. Davis. in Applied Speech Technology, Ann K. Syrdal, Raymond W. Bennett, and Steven L. Greenspan, eds. CRC Press 1995.

Dienst: Building a Production Technical Report Server
James R. Davis, Dean Krafft, and Carl Lagoze
Chapter 15 in Advances in Digital Libraries, Springer Verlag 1995

"Drop-in" publishing with the World Wide Web.
Jim Davis and Carl Lagoze 2nd Int'l WWW Conference 1994. pp 749-758
Also available in postscript

Believable Advice
paper from the AAAI 94 workshop on believable characters.

A server for a distributed digital technical report library
Proceedings IEEE CAIA 94 Workshop on Intelligent Access to On-Line Digital Libraries. San Antonio, TX 1994.

Information Agents for Building Hyperlinks
James Allan and Jim Davis and Dean Krafft and Daniela Rus and Devika Subramanian. in Proceedings of the 2nd Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management, 1993.

AgentX: An Environment for Coordinating Distributed Problem Solving in Product Development
James R. Davis and Srikanth Kannapan. in Proceedings 2nd IEEE Workshop on Enabling Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises, Morgantown, West Virginia, April 20-22, 1993.

Let Your Fingers do the Spelling: Implicit Disambiguation of Words Spelled with the Telephone Keypad in AVIOS Journal, 9 57-66, March 1991.

Discourse Strategies for Conversations in Time
James R. Davis and Chris Schmandt
Proceedings of the AVIOS 1990 Conference, p 21-26

Synthetic Speech For Real Time Direction-Giving
Christopher M. Schmandt and James Raymond Davis
in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 35 (3) (August 1989): 649-653.

The Back Seat Driver: Real Time Spoken Driving Instructions
James Raymond Davis and Christopher M. Schmandt
in Proceedings of the IEEE conference on Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems, September 1989. p 146-150

Assigning Intonational Features in Synthesized Spoken Directions
James R. Davis and Julia Hirschberg
Proceedings of the ACL 1988 187-193.

A voice interface to a Direction giving program
James Raymond Davis
Speech Research Group Technical Memo 2
MIT Media Laboratory
January 1987

Direction Assistance
James R. Davis and Thomas Frank Trobaugh
Speech Research Group Technical Memo 1
MIT Media Laboratory
December 1986