Death Valley, January 2002

Photos from my trip to Death Valley, Jan 2002.

You know, I travelled with a great bunch of folks on the Green Tortoise, but you wouldn't know it from the pictures here.

Dunes and Mountains, near Stovepipe Wells camp
ripples in the sand
Desert Varnish. The black stuff is desert varnish, a compound of iron and maganese that builds up slowly over hundreds of years as a result of microbial action.
Zabriskie Point
Manly Beacon and the Red Cathedral
The Red Cathedral formation, behind Manley Point
or maybe it's called the Red Wall?
More red wall
volcanic material atop the badlands, near Zabriskie Point
Salt Pan, near Badwater
Salt pan, near Badwater
Salt pan, near Badwater
Salt pan, near Badwater
Salt pan closeup, note the hairs of crystal growth
Ubehebe Crater
Ubehebe crater
Ubehebe Crater wall each layer is a distinct eruption
Mosaic Canyon
discontinuity A piece of the breccia has been broken off the wall of Mosaic Canyon (by a flood I suppose), then reattached further down, but it has also rotated 90 degrees so the grain lines run vertical
a fault line in the wall of Mosaic Canyon. The rocks on the right are offset by about 18 inches vertically.
Mosaic Canyon Narrows
Mosaic Canyon Narrows
Mosaic Canyon Narrows
Upper Mosaic Canyon